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Really good real estate agents – how to tell a good one from a ho-hum one

Really good real estate agents – how to tell a good one from a ho-hum one

You’ve decided it’s time – so how can you find the perfect realtor to sell your home? Maybe it’s time to move on from your business or sell your commercial property, but you’re asking, what will real estate agents really do to help you?

Finding the right real estate agent is critical in all real estate sales. Selling real estate in today’s competitive market is a tough ask, having the right people on board is essential, so how can you tell if you have commissioned the right real estate agent to sell your home, business or property?

We have laid out five sensible tips about things to look for when deciding on the best real estate agent to sell your property.

Two Way Communication Is Critical

Is your real estate agent listening, or is he or she just talk, talk, talk? It is vital that your real estate agent listens not only to you, but also to potential purchasers. A good real estate agent will ask the right questions, listen to what you have to say and understand any special needs that you may have.

A good agent will also be listening to your potential purchasers, know what they are looking for and be able to show them through a selection of suitable properties. After all, if you have a four-bedroom home with a pool, and your real estate agent brings through customers looking for a two bedroom unit, then he/she is wasting everyone’s time.


So, Tip 1, look for a real estate agent’s who not only listens to you, but explains back to you, in his/her own words, just what you are expecting from your property sale.

Can-do Attitude

You want an enthusiastic real estate agent who is eager to get out there and go for it. If there are hurdles to be jumped then he/she will have the problem solving skills to do that. He/she will have some great ideas on how you can make your property more attractive to buyers as well as the people power to bring in the right people interested in your property.

This type of real estate agent will have great references, so ask for the names of some of their former clients and give them a call to see what they have to say about the communication and selling powers of the real estate agent you are about to choose. If it isn’t good, don’t go there.


Tip 2, you want them geared up and ready to throw themselves into selling your property.

Building Relationships / Networking

A good real estate agent will know who’s interested in what type of property. When you list your property for sale, they should already have people they can bring to the table. A talented real estate agent will keep in touch with his or hers’ potential group of customers on an ongoing basis.

Relationship building also involves networking, getting out amongst the community and building a great list of contacts. This is not just limited to customers, it can include other real estate agents, mortgage brokers and auctioneers as well as potential vendors and buyers.

By building relationships, a motivated real estate agent is also building referrals from his/her network through their family, friends and colleagues – word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool in the real estate industry.


Tip 3, choose a real estate agent well known within the community.

Honesty and Trustworthy

You are selling your biggest asset, you want to put it into the hands of someone honest, someone you can trust. Testimonials from previous clients are a great way to check out your real estate agent. What is the word around town and has he/she given you references to call. Go beyond the testimonials that are thrown in your face, call them up, go for coffee, hear exactly what they have to offer.

Make sure they are a fully licensed real estate agent and registered with Fair Trading in your state or territory. An honest real estate agent will tell you what your property is worth, not what you may simply want to hear. This is good information, because you do not want to spend time with a shoddy real estate agent who guarantees you a high price but never delivers it – month after month – hearing crickets.

So, listen to what your real estate agent has to say and make sure you base your decision on honesty and integrity when you are deciding what real estate agent to commission.


Tip 4, do your homework and make sure your real estate agent has a good track record.

Loving It

Make sure you hire a real estate agent who loves what they do. A positive attitude and a love of real estate will show through in everything they do. They need to embrace the market and really care about selling your property. Half-hearted attitudes and platitudes just won’t cut the mustard. The right real estate agent will get great satisfaction from selling your home – just as much as they will finding the perfect home for the buyer.


Tip 5, look for a real estate agent with a passion for property and a zest for selling.

Passion For Property

All in all, do your homework, make sure you have thoroughly checked out just who should be commissioned to sell your property. Don’t dive in at the deep end before doing your real estate agent research. Today’s real estate environment is so much different to 10 years ago. Look for a tech savvy agency that can really catch the attention of potential buyers.

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