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Styling your home for sale is a sure-fire way to guarantee a better price and sell your home sooner, but what is the right way to achieve the best results when styling a home?

Most real estate agents would agree that styling a home for sale brings in way better results than that lived-in look, and the most effective way to really guarantee that you’re going to get the price you are looking for – and perhaps even better it – is with a professional property stylist.

Staging / Styling

Staging, as it is commonly becoming known, really adds to the impact created when potential purchasers walk into your home. A good stylist will show off the space to it’s ultimate with minimalist furniture and tasteful focal points: a vase, a rug, cushion or work of art placed just so.

Make It Appealing

Your Home needs to capture the attention of buyers. Styling will make your property appeal to a bigger audience.


If your home is too far gone, and some strategically placed furnishings can't bring it back to life. You may need to consider the risk reward of renovations.

Professional or DIY

Styling can be done by anyone. Read the below tips if you are thinking DIY, otherwise we are more than happy to help out.

Styling Not Exclusive to the Rich

You may think that staging is something reserved only for the rich. So not true. No matter what price bracket your home falls into, staging will help you get a better price.  Bringing in a professional stager may seem way out of your budget right now – but you will reap the returns. Buyers really can be swayed into making a positive decision about a property by seeing how a space works to its ultimate.

OK, you’re still shaking your head. No matter what we say you are adamant that you cannot afford to bring in a professional stylist. Well there are plenty of things you can do yourself to get your property market-ready and increase the sale price of your home.


Get rid of the extraneous pieces that mean nothing to anyone else. All those ornaments, your frog collection and Aunt Joylene’s china dolls. One or two stunning cushions are great, but you do not want throw rugs everywhere and an eyesore of mismatched cushions.

Put away all your photos, people want to walk in and imagine this place as their home. Showing it off as your home is going to put a roadblock on their visualisation. If you’ve got too much furniture in the room put it into storage. You want to achieve a minimalist look, show off the space with just one great sofa and a dining setting. Choose an occasional table and place on it an alluring vase.

Focal Points

Take your buyer’s eye to the things you want them to see. A captivating piece of art on a main wall. A decorative cushion, a chic urn – but whatever you do, don’t overdo it. Get yourself some high-quality decorator magazines and look for rooms that are strikingly eye-catching, then try to mirror them. Go online and seek out some of the best home-staging images and you’ll start to get some ideas.

You’ll be amazed at how a retro piece can be added to modern décor to create a brilliant effect. How taking things away rather than adding them will bring out the spaciousness of your room and become really easy on the eyes.

The Main Rooms

When potential purchasers walk into a home they are looking at three main areas: the kitchen and living area, the main bedroom, the bathroom. Take everything off your kitchen benches and replace with a cheerful fruit bowl – perhaps it is just full of green apples. Display a coffee machine or maybe a basket of homey rustic breads. Look through those magazines – get some ideas.

Walking into the bedroom you want it minimalist. Choose a bedspread that is plain but not ordinary. A cool pastel shade with a funky texture. Add a decorative cushion or two and possibly a throw. A beautiful piece of artwork above your bed always works, and what about a stunning little bedroom chair just to complete the scene?

Moving into the bathroom you want to make sure all of you ‘stuff’ has been hidden. A glass jar filled with interesting stones, some designer soap and just one towel draped over the rail or bath should do the trick. Be careful when choosing the colour of the towel, no crazy patterns, just a decorator tone that will offset the best features of your bathroom.

The most important thing to remember when styling your home is to start with a neutral canvas. Make sure your walls are in soft shades from off-whites through to soft blues or greys. This will allow you to add a bright cushion or bold throw. Keep the five senses in mind and be sure to add some fresh flowers, not just for the stunning finishing touch, but to capture the gorgeous perfumes and give your home that fresh and natural feeling.

So, there’s plenty you can do to style your home and improve the sale value. There’s quite a bit of advice out there if you need a hand, one place to start is with our friendly team at vendor. Have a chat to the friendly staff, they’ll even pop round and give you some great hints on how best to prepare your home for market.