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Your Investment in Safe Hands

You’ve worked hard and saved your pennies to take the leap and purchase an investment property. Now you want to make sure it’s managed properly by someone you trust, knowing it will be looked after well by quality tenants.

We’re here to assist landlords and tenants with an abundance of property services aimed at managing residential and commercial property.

The team at vendor work hard to match properties with tenants and we strive to form long term alliances and relationships with our landlords and tenants alike.

We understand property and we understand people.

Boutique Agency Service

We’re small enough to care, and large enough to make a difference. If you are looking for individual and personal service on your investment property, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t manage thousands of properties, which means we can comfortably manage your property with enthusiasm and care.

Great Tenants result in happy landlords, and great properties attract quality tenants.

Owning an investment property should be stress free and rewarding, your property should be managed in a way that reduces risks and increases return, that’s why we approach management from exactly that perspective.

Property vs. Investment Property

Your property isn’t just bricks and land that someone occupies. Your property is an investment, and it’s important it be treated that way.

An investment property is a double whammy investment that needs to be assessed in terms of value and yield annually. Your investment property produces income through rent and is also a capital asset that can appreciate over time.

We want your investment property to be operating at its full potential. That means low vacancy and great yield.

Our managers strive to make your investment a real investment, we touch base regularly and advise on market conditions that may impact your property, both positively and negatively.

Is your property operating to its full potential? When was the last time your investment property was appraised?

Changing to Vendor

Whether your property is tenanted or vacant. Changing to vendor is quick and easy. Our team will handle the whole process, from notifying your current agent to introducing ourselves to your tenants, all we need is a letter of authority from you.

There are no fixed periods or fees involved with changing over to vendor.

Screening for Quality Tenants

It’s a common misconception that having a vacant property is worse than having a bad tenant. We assure you, this is not the case.

The vendor team work tirelessly screening and venting applicants to ensure only the best tenants are selected for your property.

References are checked religiously to ensure properties they have occupied in the past have been well looked after and presented well.

We assess tenant earnings to ensure they can afford your property, we take into consideration the type of property you own and who it would suit when matching tenants. We cover every aspect of screening prospective tenants to ensure you receive the very best.

Marketing your Property for Lease

In a competitive rental market you need great marketing to make your property stand out. You want the great tenants that could be leasing elsewhere to want your property, and the ones searching to jump leaps and bounds to occupy it.

Every property is different, and this impacts who it will appeal to, families, retirees, single occupiers, they all look for different attributes in a property. We understand this, and market property to capture these target audiences.

It’s important that you put your best foot forward and do great marketing, with an attempt to reduce the vacancy period. Our rates are very affordable and our marketing is top-notch.

Routine Inspections

Property inspections, while painful for tenants, are a necessary task required by the property manager. Inspections ensure the property is being looked after well and are a good time for the property manager to catch up with the tenant face to face. We try and make inspections flexible around tenants, and schedule dates and time most convenient with their busy lives.

Great Properties get Great Tenants

You don’t need to be Einstein to work out that the better properties get the best tenants. Properties that are renovated, clean and fitted with modern conveniences like ducted air-conditioning and modern appliances will draw more attention, likewise do properties that offer great lifestyle benefits, such a parks, beaches, cafes and restaurants.

Repairs and Maintenance

Your property should be free of ailments and issues when your tenants move in. If there is an issue that cannot be fixed prior to moving in, our property managers will ensure the issue is scheduled for repair asap prior to a tenants moving in date.

We want our tenants to occupy great properties, so we pride ourselves on offering top notch, well maintained rentals.

A landlord who reluctantly wants to make repairs, isn’t a landlord the vendor team would want to service. Most property repairs are general in nature and usually are a result of wear and tear.

Good landlords promptly fix issues and understand maintenance is an ongoing requirement of owning an investment property.

Maintaining your investment property in good condition at all times will save you money over the long term. We report maintenances issues to you for authorisation and only engage highly qualified licensed tradespeople who offer us fair rates and are a pleasure to deal with. Got a preferred tradie? Sure we can use them too.

Lodging maintenance requests with vendor is simple. Our tenants can lodge the issue via our property management portal, attach photos and communicate with the property manager and repairer.

Our Vacancy Rate

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Payments, Statements and File Access

Our property management portal gives you access to your information 24/7.

Accessing your file is easy. Simply log into the portal, view and print statements, invoices form suppliers or past inspection reports.