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Fees & Charges

We believe in giving our sellers options, and ensuring whatever option our customers choose, will result in a quality presentation and representation of your property when selling.

  Our fees and charges are split in two components, marketing and agent commission.

We have pre planned marketing packages, or the ability to make a custom campaign, the choice is yours.

Our commission structure is a low flat rate that reverts to a fixed fee after a property price threshold. If you have a medium to high value home, expect to save a considerable amount.

Our marketing packages ensure your property has premium coverage on the platforms that need it. After all, why throw money at a method that doesn’t get results?

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Marketing Packages

Our property marketing is pre planned in packages to give you the best value for money.

Occasionally your vendor agent may recommend customising the package to individualise a campaign for a unique property, to target a specific buyer group.

Add, subtract or customise items from your marketing, the choice is yours. We recommend taking advice from your local agents on the marketing that works best in your area.

The more marketing you choose, the better your advertising reach, which equals more buyers and the best sale price for your property.

*asterisk items means the price is location specific, ask your agent to email or post price list.

Commission Charges

At vendor, we like to think our commission structure is reasonable and fair. We’re like a mechanic, where you pay for parts and labour. With us, it’s marketing and labour (commission).

We realise that selling a property is the same process regardless of it’s value. So we’ve implemented a property price threshold that caps the amount of commission you pay. Depending on your property, this could save you bucket loads!

We’re a premium, full service agency offering a sale fee that won’t break the bank.

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