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Strategic planning and marketing are among the top factors that are going to get your property sold successfully.
There is more to it than simply running some ads or posting on social media. Vendor believes in effective marketing and we have the skills to back that up.
At Vendor Real Estate our agents take pride in being part of the community and knowing what the locals really want. We don’t merely represent your property, we understand it. We know the buyers your property would appeal to, and better still, we know who would be in a good position to buy it.
When planning your strategy and campaign we will ensure that you have the very best.

Needs Analysis

What do you want? How quick do you want it? What are your needs? Our first job is to identify your needs and discuss your expectations. We want to get to know you and get to know your property, that’s how the best sales processes start and we want nothing but the best for you.


We’ll take you through the process, whether you’re a first-time vendor or an old hand – we’ll explain everything to you. We will appraise your property and determine whether a sales valuation is required. We will explain how the appraisal is decided and the factors impacting the sale price.

Sale Method

Auction or private treaty, there are different methods to sell a home and we’ll work with you to determine the best method to sell yours – auction, expressions of interest (EOI) or price tag. We’ll explain the difference, the pros and cons – and make a recommendation.

Marketing Campaign

Strategically designed and personally developed, at our core, Vendor Real Estate is about marketing. And it’s marketing that sells. From a three-bedroom low-set to a unique luxury property to an industrial development site, we design your advertising and marketing campaign using our expert knowledge and highly experienced marketing professionals.

Negotiation of Sale

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your property, set yourself apart from any emotional attachment you may have to it. You may have many years of memories with the property and we guarantee you that emotions will be high. A wise quote to help you through this period “You never own anything, it’s just yours for a period of time”.

Exchange & Settlement

You may have a solicitor or conveyancer at the ready. If not, we have a referral service for your convenience and we will help and guide you in any way we can.

Clients For Life

We’re here for you. At Vendor Real Estate the door doesn’t close when your property is sold, whether it’s about helping you into a new property, looking for a suitable premises for your business or just having a chat over a cup of coffee – we want to keep in touch and offer you ongoing support whatever your needs maybe.

More Than Listing

Selling real estate is about more than just listing it. We’re here to get things moving, to make sure your house is in front of the people and to negotiate hard on your behalf.


We're Here For You

Whilst its pretty obvious that our job is to sell your property, often the agent becomes an integrall part to understanding your needs and goals and working hard to acheive them.


Expectations vs. Reality

Receive a good understanding of the price you can expect for your property. We'll cover the current real estate market, factors impacting prices, and recently sold properties in your area.


No Property Is Perfect

Buyers will always find something wrong with your property. Its a given. While some properties tick more boxes than others, its important that you don’t be offended by buyer feedback. Let your agent take control of negotiations and eliminate any emotional ties.

Still Got Questions?

Reach out to us, we’re more than approachable and ready to answer any questions you may have.