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Ever admired a tree lined street? Perhaps a grand old tree that shaded the backyard as a kid? Whatever your connection, we hope you can appreciate the benefits of a beautiful environment.

At Vendor, we want to keep our streets green and give back to the local community.

While there are advanced methods, such as drones that shoot tree pods into the earth, and large scale manual planting businesses in Australia that currently combat environmental restoration activities, there isn’t a method for average Joe’s to pitch in and help without having to join a local Land Care group.

We’ve identified that people care about the environment, but don’t necessarily have the time to dedicate consistent labour or resources to helping out, and that’s okay!

The team at vendor are stepping in on the resources front and providing trees to local communities. We’re hoping that by providing trees you’ll take up the challenge and responsibility of planting.

Where Do We Plant?

Specialised environmental restoration companies target large scale areas to rehabilitate. We know that collectively local properties, especially newer subdivisions could do with, and have capacity for, a few trees here and there.

Our vision is to increase local community awareness and involvement in creating greener spaces in our own backyards, street fronts and public spaces.

You’ll see the vendor gazebo pop up from time to time at local markets and events, where we promote our “10 trees for very listing sold” message and hand out free trees to anyone interested in them. If you don’t catch us at a local event, we encourage you to contact us and express your interest if you would like trees. Whether you are an avid gardener, a local sporting club, council or farmer, let us know of your interest, we’ll be happy to help out.