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Vendor offer commercial property services to property owners, tenants and investors.

The commercial property market is complex and dynamic. You need an agency that understands your property, who it appeals to, and better still, who might be in a position to purchase or lease it.

Selling and Leasing Commercial Property is about knowledge, information and marketing. A different approach is required when dealing in Commercial Property, and vendor have the knowledge, team, contacts and the skills to attract and negotiate commercial leases and sales.

From transport depots to manufacturing facilities, retail, land or industrial parks. We work closely with you to understand your property and/or your lease requirements.

Our skills aren’t limited to just property. With our team successfully listing, negotiating and selling commercial businesses.

How we approach commercial sales and leasing

Knowing commercial property types and your prospective tenants and buyers operations is the key to all commercial property transactions. Understanding the characteristics of a property, its unique capabilities and what businesses or tenants will capitalise from occupying it are what make vendor stand out.

Whether you are a tenant, investor or owner, we have the advice and services to facilitate your commercial property needs. From relocating, leasing, selling or buying. Vendor are ready to assist you.

Commercial Property Videos

To strengthen your properties marketing campaign we can produce an information and fact video on your commercial property. Whether vacant or occupied, we’ll capture the facilities your commercial property offers in detail, giving your buyers and occupiers an in depth view from their desktops.


We won't stop until you commercial property is sold or leased. The team at vendor believe in facts and data, and we'll use plenty of it to back up our advice to you.

Websites and Design

Does your commercial property or project need its own website, logo or design services? From signage design to brochures and web-design, vendor are your full service one stop shop.

Understanding your Industry

Products and Services are nothing without knowledge of who they are target towards. The team at vendor go out of thier way to get an in depth undertanding of your requirements.

Contact us

Want to discuss your requirements with one of our agents? Send us a message, we’ll get in touch.

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