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The Edge To Sell

Selling your property is all about attracting the right buyers. Vendor Real Estate approaches your property from exactly that perspective. We are a group of professionals who know how to market property. From superb photography and on-line videos to social media marketing and strategically planned advertising, Vendor Real Estate will ensure that your property attracts the type of buyers you are after, from there our professionals get to work to negotiate and facilitate the best deal possible on your property.

The Edge To Negotiate

The professionals at Vendor understand negotiation – how vital it is to make the most of any sale. It is the combined skill set held by our team that sets Vendor apart. More than conventional sales methods and property negotiations, Vendor takes pride in this strong skill set that promotes customer understanding and the knowledge to arrive at an agreement that seals the deal.

The Edge To Close

How many times have you’re heard of vendors who had offers, buyers and people showing great interest in their property but for some reason the deal just couldn’t be closed. At Vendor Real Estate we massage rather than attack. Your buyer is making one of the biggest financial decisions they will make in their lives, we’re there to guide them through and help with every little query. We keep your buyer interested and make sure they have all the statistics, background and other vital information they need to make the right decision on purchasing your property. We don’t leave buyers hanging – we foster potential purchasers through the buying journey to ensure they are always attended to, informed and comfortable in the decisions they are making.

The Edge to Capitalise

Quality properties can fluctuate in price by tens to hundreds of thousands or dollars.
Does it not seem wise to market your property to the best of abilities to sell for the highest price possible?
A dollar saved is not necessarily a dollar earned when talking about selling real estate.
With our commission set at reasonable market rates, and our advertising costs subsidised to all clients for residential sales, we consider Vendor Real Estate to be one of the most cost-effective agents you will find anywhere.
Everybody wants the best price for the best service – we recognise this and offer competitive rates across everything we do, from residential sales to commercial to industrial, you’ll find Vendor Real Estate has the wherewithal to sell your property and save you a substantial amount in agent’s fees, doing just that.
Our aim at Vendor is to let your properties price float as high as the market will take it, then strike a deal to close the sale.

The Edge of Quality Marketing

The essence of a great marketing and advertising campaign is to reach the right people and then sell them what they want.
We bring out the best in your property and present it to potential buyers professionally and beautifully.
Preparing your property for market will include essentials such as presentation, squeaky clean image and open homes that set the scene for buying – your property will be under the microscope, We’ll make sure you’re ready for it.

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